Your Network infrastructure is an important part of your IT strategy, it’s the backbone of your IT systems and joins everything together. Your network infrastructure is also a key part of your cyber security, using cloud managed kit allows us to monitor, update and maintain your networks remotely.

Why PC Comms?

Cloud managed infrastructure improves support response times and provides vital insight to the performance of your network


PC Comms have made the switch to cloud managed solutions for both cabled and wireless networks. This allows us remote visibility of the network, where we can monitor, update, and resolve issues quickly, without the need of on-site visit.

  • Automatic deployment, configure and ship direct to site
  • Automatic updates, managed from the cloud
  • Automatic alerting to potential problems
  • Meaningful insights, centralised reporting from the PC Comms cloud dashboard


Your firewall protects you form the outside world, provides your internet connection, and connects services. Often this is a single point of failure in a business so its hugely important to make sure this kit is ultrareliable, well maintained and monitored.


Ubiquity (UNIFI) – The USG Pro is a high-performance Gigabit router, delivering robust security and advanced routing features

  • Dual WANTwo combination SFP/RJ45 ports provide fibre connectivity options capable of speeds of up to 1 Gbps.
  • PerformanceCan cope with over 1 Million Packets per Second
  • VPNBuilt in VPN server for site to site and client VPN access
  • QoSAssign priority to voice and video traffic for clear calls and lag‑free, video streaming
  • VLAN SupportCreate virtual network segments for security and network traffic management.


Wireless service is often overlooked, but a reliable and fast wireless connection is essential in most businesses. By providing good coverage you can eliminate black spots and intermittent service. Making your network more flexible and allowing users to roam while being always connected.


Meshed Wi-Fi allows users to roam between hots spots with seamless connectivity, the mesh manages the connection and switches access points automatically without dropping service. Ideal for Laptops, tablets, mobiles, and phones.

Point to Point Wi-Fi is a great way of extending service between two buildings or sites, dedicated site to site access points are ultra-reliable and operate at a different frequency so as not to interfere with other surrounding services.

Outdoor Wi-Fi weather proof access points allow for deployment outdoors extending your coverage beyond the office.

IT Infrastructure you can actually rely on

Contact us today for a no obligation review of your current network. No matter how it is currently setup, we can highlight every improvement and implement in a painless manner.

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