As a Dell Partner, PC Comms have access to Dell’s full product range. We also have access to several of the top distributors of computer hardware in the UK and offer next day delivery on thousands of products. Whatever computer hardware your business requires, we can help.

Why PC Comms?

Get free expert advice on your next computer, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.


The modern workplace needs to be flexible. In our post-pandemic world, more businesses than ever are incorporating working from home, hot desking, and other remote working options into their day-to-day operations.

With this in mind, many businesses are supplying their employees with laptops. Laptops are sometimes seen as a lesser computer than the desktop – but at PC Comms, we know that choosing laptops as your business’s primary form of PC doesn’t have to result in a loss of functionality.

We supply laptop docks, which gives a laptop all the connectivity of a standard desktop PC, and charges a laptop so it’s ready to be taken on the go at any time.


At PC Comms, we know that all businesses have different requirements when it comes to servers. Our engineers build servers for your business’s individual needs, tailoring our offering depending on your application requirements, storage needs, and the numbers of IT users you have.

Whether your office is small, large, or even entirely remote, PC Comms can offer you an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective server solution. Our servers our powerful, versatile, and reliable, running quietly in the background whilst you work with the assurance of a powerful server solution behind you. We offer many different sized servers, ranging from mini-towers to rack-mounted servers.

Tech-as-a-Service (Taas)

Every modern business needs to stay on top of the latest IT services, but doing so is a time-consuming operation. So, why not hand the job over to the experts?

PC Comms provide access to our latest hardware, software, and services under a single, monthly subscription. This covers all laptops, desktops, tablets, and mobile phones within your business. Our TaaS offering is a cost-effective approach to ensuring your business receives excellent, ongoing IT support.

Business Hardware you can actually rely on

PC Comms will only ever recommend hardware which we are happy to be using ourselves. So let us discuss your requirements in the full knowledge that you will be given impartial, and experienced advice.

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What is computer hardware?

Computer hardware refers to all the physical IT equipment within your business. There are two types of computer hardware: external and internal devices.

External hardware devices are IT equipment you can see and physically interact with, from PC monitors and keyboards, to laptops and printers. Internal hardware is the components inside computers and devices, such hard drives, RAM, and motherboards.

How does having up-to-date computer hardware benefit your business?

Investing in up-to-date computer hardware is a smart move for any business. It will make all processing quicker, slicker, and simpler, improving your offering to your customers. Having modern, user friendly hardware will also increase the morale of your employees and enable them to perform their jobs at the highest possible level.

Financially investing in modern computer hardware could also save you money in the long run. Routine tasks – accounting, payroll, and more – can become automated, giving you and your employees more time to focus on other tasks and business development.

You could also expand the offering of your business by integrating new systems that modern consumers frequently turn to for making purchases, such as online shops and social media.

Why choose PC Comms for your computer hardware?

Some IT companies are only interested in their profit margins – they want to sell you the latest, most expensive thing, even if it’s not particularly advantageous to your business. At PC Comms, we think differently.

We believe in supplying our clients with the correct hardware for the job they need to perform – not just the flashiest new thing on the market that might not be of use to them.

We take a proactive approach to getting our clients the hardware that best suits them. Our expert advice is intended to inform and educate – not confuse you with technobabble. Our team are highly knowledgeable about all the hardware we supply, and can offer extended warranties on various pieces of equipment.

If you’re looking to use us as your IT support partner, our hardware works in conjunction with our other service offerings, such as Cyber Security, Connectivity and Infrastructure, and Cyber Protection.

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