PC Comms are a Dell Partner, with access to their full product range. Whatever you are looking for PC Comms can help, we have direct access to several of the Tier 1 distributors in the UK, for next day delivery on thousands of products.

Why PC Comms?

Get free expert advice on your next computer, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.


The modern workplace needs to be flexible; many businesses are moving to laptops to help with this, but you don’t need to lose functionality just because it’s a laptop. A laptop dock gives you all the connections you are used to with a desktop and charges your laptop so you are ready to go any time.


PC Comms engineers can build servers based on application requirements, storage, and number of users, giving you an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective on prem server solution.

Benefit from power, versatility, and quiet performance that’s ideal for small, large, and remote offices. Available in sizes ranging from mini-towers to rack-capable platforms.


PC Comms can provide hardware, software, and services as a single subscription for your business. Including mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops all on a monthly subscription.

Business Hardware you can actually rely on

PC Comms will only ever recommend hardware which we are happy to be using ourselves. So let us discuss your requirements in the full knowledge that you will be given impartial, and experienced advice.

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