PC Comms know how important a fast and reliable internet connection is to your business. That’s why we have partnered with several providers and constantly research what’s available to give you the best possible service available.

Why PC Comms?

Fast, reliable and cost-effective internet solutions for your business.


Broadband – PC Comms can check what’s available in your area and provides, ADSL, FTTC, SOGEA and FTTP Broadband services, with prices starting from as little as £26 per month.

Jurassic Fibre – Coming to specific areas in the South West, Jurassic Fibre are installing their own Fibre infrastructure direct to your door. This allows them to not only provide superfast internet and great rates, but back it up with a next day SLA.


You may not have heard about Starlink, Elon Musk’s latest venture into Satellite Internet. Traditionally Satellite has been used as a last resort for internet connectivity, not because its slow, but because it was laggy (high latency). This meant that the user experience for general web browsing and hosted applications was poor.


However, this exciting new technology brings fast speeds of 150Mbps and much lower latency, like that of today’s broadband speeds. This means it is a real alternative for business who wish to operate in the great outdoors, or rural areas where traditional connectivity hasn’t reached yet.

It’s being rolled out as we speak and some early adopters are already using this technology, Check it out and sign up here.

View what the satellites look like in real time here Live Starlink Satellite Map

Leased Lines

Ethernet – Also known as a leased line, an ethernet connection is a dedicated fibre optic cable joining your business premisses directly to the internet. With ultrafast speeds, guaranteed service levels and a 1:1 contention, ethernet is the best internet connection available on the market today.

• Guaranteed response times
• 1:1 Contention ratio
• Up to 1GB bandwidth up and down.

Mobile Data

Mobile Data plans on the 4G and 5G network can provide fast and effective internet solutions. Enable roaming users and small teams to work while away from the office with device tethering and mobile hotspots.

Business Internet Connectivity you can actually rely on

Connect with us today for a connectivity review. PC Comms are experienced with all forms of connectivity and know how to maximise your uptime and reliability.

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