PC Comms know how important a fast and reliable internet connection is to your business. We’ve partnered with several industry-leading internet providers and constantly research what’s available to give you the best possible service.

Why PC Comms?

Fast, reliable and cost-effective internet solutions for your business.


A powerful, high-speed broadband is a great option for any business’s internet connectivity. PC Comms can check what broadband providers are available in your area and advise you on their various advantages. We provide ADSL, FTTC, SOGEA, and FTTP broadband services, with prices starting from as little as £26 per month.

Ultrafast fibre broadband from Jurassic Fibre is also available in specific areas in the South West. Having Jurassic Fibre installed directly to your business grants you a superfast internet connection at a great price – contact us to find out more.


Elon Musk’s satellite endeavour Starlink is known across the globe – and it’s transformed the reputation of satellite internet.


Traditionally, satellite was always used as a last resort for internet connectivity. Whilst it’s not slow, people using satellite internet often experienced ‘lag’ – making the general experience of browsing the internet and trying to do anything particularly high demand poor.

These days, satellite internet brings fast internet speeds and high performance. It’s now a viable alternative for businesses who operate outdoors, or in rural areas where traditional internet connectivity hasn’t been established yet. If you think your business could benefit from satellite internet connectivity, PC Comms can help.

If you want to see just how far reaching satellite coverage is, explore this live map of the satellites above the planet in real time.

Leased Lines

A leased line, also known as an ethernet connection, guarantees your business a completely uninterrupted internet connectivity. With a leased line, you rent a dedicated, private internet connection that is solely for your business’s use. This is done through a fibre optic cable that joins your business’s premises directly to the internet.

With ultrafast speeds, guaranteed service levels, and more bandwidth available at any given time possible, ethernet is often the go-to for businesses looking to maximise their internet connectivity.

Mobile Data

These days, remote working and working whilst travelling are a common part of many businesses day-to-day operations. At PC Comms, we can help you get set up with a mobile data plan on 4G and 5G networks. This will enable any roaming users or small remote teams to work away from the office and have a reliable internet connection, using device tethering and mobile hotspots.

Business Internet Connectivity you can actually rely on

Connect with us today for a connectivity review. PC Comms are experienced with all forms of connectivity and know how to maximise your uptime and reliability.

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What is internet connectivity?

Internet connectivity is the way your business is linked to the internet. This may be done using broadband, ethernet, satellite, or mobile data. Whether big or small, your business will be connected to the internet using any one of these methods.

What are the benefits of having reliable internet connectivity?

Having a reliable internet provider for your business is essential to keep things running efficiently and smoothly. Having a steady, strong internet connection promotes productivity and enables your staff to perform at the highest ability.

If your business requires people to work remotely, granting staff remote access to reliable internet connectivity means they can be productive both inside and outside the office.

How can PC Comms help with internet connectivity?

At PC Comms, we have years of knowledge and experience in setting businesses up with their ideal internet connectivity. We know that different services vary in their performance geographically, and can advise businesses on a location by location basis. No two businesses are ever quite the same, and PC Comms offer excellent local connectivity knowledge.

We have access to a large amount of different service providers, and are not tied to any contracts with specific businesses – we’ll suggest the provider we think is right for you based on your business’s unique requirements.

Our connectivity package also work in harmony with our other service offerings, including Cyber Security and Cyber Protection.

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