Cyber Protection

Protect your business with fully managed Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions from PC Comms. We have a range of services to meet your requirements, from simple off-site backup plans to complex near instant recovery.

Why PC Comms?

Your mission critical data is in safe hands with PC Comms.


Backup your mission critical endpoints, Servers, Workstations, Virtual and Physical.

  • ManagedAll our backup plans are full managed for peace of mind
  • ComplianceAll backup verifications are checked by a certified engineer.
  • AutomatedFully automated no end user intervention required.
  • Cloud StorageFast and economical storage on UK datacentres
  • SecureBackups are encrypted with 256-bit AES Encryption
  • RecoveryFast recovery, be up and running minutes.

Disaster Recovery

To minimise business interruption, a disaster recovery plan is what you need to get back up and running fast.


PC Comms will create a bespoke IT disaster recovery plan for your business which is then combined with one of our fully managed backup solutions and one of three recovery options to meet your requirements. We then test the solution and document the process to ensure everything works as it should and is ready to go when needed.

  • RISKAssess the risk
  • RPORecovery Point Objective – when did the last back happen.
  • RTORecovery Time Objective – how long will it take recover
  • MTDMaximum Tolerable Downtime for the business.

Microsoft 365

It’s a common misconception that cloud providers backup your data, in most cases they don’t, they will recover the service and that may include your data, but it’s not a backup. What happens if the services fail for a long period of time, how would you recover your data?

  • RetentionUnlimited retention period.
  • StorageUnlimited storage ensures all your data is backed up
  • FrequencyBackups happen 3 times per day
  • RecoveryEasily restore items that are misplaced, deleted, damaged, or destroyed.

Cyber Protection you can actually rely on

This is the sign you need to review your protection before it’s too late! Don’t become a statistic of a company who is unable to recover following a cyber-attack. We can ensure that you have the correct protection in place.

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