Cyber Protection

Secure your business with fully managed cyber protection services from PC Comms. We offer a range of cyber protection to meet your business’s needs, from simple offsite backups of your IT system, to near instant recovery of all your data.

Why PC Comms?

Your mission critical data is in safe hands with PC Comms.


Backup all your business’s critical IT equipment, both virtual and physical. From servers to PCs, our cyber protection services cover it all.

  • Fully ManagedFocus on your business with peace of mind with our fully managed back up plans
  • ComplianceAll our backup verifications are checked by a certified IT engineer
  • Fully AutomatedWe automatically back up your vital data – no intervention required
  • Cloud StorageWe store all your backed up information quickly and economically on UK datacentres
  • Secure and encryptedEvery backup of your business is fully secure and encrypted with 256-bit AES Encryption
  • Fast RecoveryWe recover your backed up data fast – you’ll be up and running again in minutes

Disaster Recovery

The last thing any business needs is for everything to grind to a halt because of an IT failure. To minimise interruption to your business, PC Comms create a bespoke disaster recovery plan to get you back up and running fast.

  • RISKAssess the risk
  • RPO:Recovery Point ObjectiveWe monitor your backups and are constantly aware of when your business’s IT system was last backed up.
  • RTO: Recovery Time ObjectiveWe work out how long it will take to recover your system, should it need recovering.
  • MTD: Maximum Tolerable DowntimeWe will work with you to work out the maximum amount of time your IT systems can be down for without impacting your business.

Microsoft 365

It’s a common misconception that cloud providers backup your data – but, in most cases, they don’t. Recovering the service that includes your data is not the same as a backup. So, if your cloud provider services fail for a long period of time, how do you recover your data?
Answer: you have PC Comms in your corner providing your cyber protection.

  • RetentionWe offer an unlimited retention period for our cyber protection services
  • StorageOur unlimited storage ensures all your data is always backed up
  • Frequent backupsWe backup your business’s data three times a day, so it’s constantly up to date
  • Simple recoveryAccidents happen, and you can easily recover data that is misplaced, deleted, or damaged

Cyber Protection you can actually rely on

No business wants to be part of the next cyber attack statistic. Prevent this from being you by bringing on PC Comms as your cyber protection partners. We ensure you have the protection in place that you need to keep your business’s data safe.

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How does cyber protection benefit your business?

Cyber protection is your business’s last line of defence against cyber attack. PC Comms provide a failsafe and protect your business and all its data – both virtual and physical.

Having cyber protection services in place also protects your business from accidental loss of data through deletion, or forgetting to back things up. PC Comms manage backing up your data and recovering it for you, so you can focus on running your business.

Why choose PC Comms for your cyber protection services?

PC Comms offer a fully managed cyber protection solution, and take on the responsibility of ensuring your business’s data is safe, recoverable, and fully backed up. We have decades of knowledge and experience, and our highly trained staff are quick to solve problems, and spot potential problems before they’ve even happened.

We are certified Acronis partners, and our cyber protection services work in harmony with many of our other service offerings, such as Cyber Security, Support, and Cloud Solutions.

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