With traditional analogue phone lines switching off in 2025, now is the time to futureproof your business and make the transition to a digital network.

With PC Comms as your communications provider, you can rest assured that your business won’t be affected by these changes and will continue to run as smoothly as ever.

Why PC Comms?

Cloud hosted phone systems help your business meet changing demands with remote working and unified communications.


There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to VoIP phones, which is why PC Comms offer several different solutions. All our options work using a technology called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which enables voice calls to be made using the internet.

Each different cloud based phone system has unique benefits – we’ll help you choose the right system for your business.

  • Fully cloud hosted solutions, managed by PC Comms
  • Fraud detection to prevent unwanted calls
  • Automatic failover to alternative backup systems if the primary system goes down
  • Hybrid solutions that integrate Microsoft Teams alongside an existing phone system
  • Unlimited call bundles (e.g. no overseas fees for international calls)
  • Call recording

If your current phone system uses an ISDN / PSTN line, contact us today to discuss your next phone system.


Modern businesses are often on the move. With remote working more common than ever in our post pandemic world, PC Comms can help you add mobile devices to your cloud based phone system.

  • We know your business’ security is paramount, and we maintain your devices to ensure they meet with all the latest security recommendations.
  • We extend your security so it goes beyond your business’ premises, protecting all your mobile users while they’re on the move.
  • We also offer great deals on SIM plans and mobile devices.

Microsoft Teams

PC Comms can help get you up and running, adding telephone functionality directly to your existing 365 Teams setup. Many businesses trust in Microsoft Teams as their cloud based phone system – and it’s no wonder why. With calling, chat, and meetings in a single app, alongside a fully cloud hosted and managed phone system, Microsoft Teams is the perfect communications tool.

  • Top quality cloud based phone systemReliable and secure calling that your business can trust.
  • Built-in audio conferencingAdd flexibility and connectivity with a dial-in number integrated into every online meeting.
  • Auto attendantInbound calls to your business can be easily routed through a menu that directs callers to the right department, person, or queue. You can set parameters to route calls by time zone, language, or availability.
  • Contact centre integrationEasily pass data between your contact centre and CRM system, keeping all communications within your business aligned.
  • Cloud voicemail and auto transcribingAccess voicemail messages and transcriptions of meetings and calls anywhere from any device.

Cloud Based Phone Systems you can actually rely on

Contact us today to talk about how you contact people. We will then contact you back to discuss that contact and thus, contact has been made.

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How do communications benefit your business?

Having a reliable, secure, powerful cloud based phone system behind your business is a huge asset for both you and your customers. A communications systems that is fit for purpose gives your business the flexibility and mobility to adopt modern innovations, such as remote working, without compromising on your business’ security or accessibility.
Your staff will be better connected and more productive than ever before, backed by an innovative cloud phone system that works with them and adapts to your business’ needs.

Does this work with other PC Comms service offerings?

PC Comms can help you with much more than your communications (although that’s always a good place to start). Fantastic communications work best when backed by a reliable internet connection, as provided by our Connectivity services. Our Cloud Solutions services will also set you up with the IT essentials you need to complement a powerful communications system.

Why choose PC Comms as your communications provider?

When you choose PC Comms as your cloud phone system provider, we don’t just give you the bare minimum – we cover everything you’re likely to need.
Our Communications service is a cost effective add on to our other services which, when implemented together, provide powerful IT support that enables your business to run at an optimum level.

It’s easy to upgrade our services whenever you need, but we also don’t tie you into long contracts. Our contracts vary between 12 months and monthly term contracts, giving you flexibility and peace of mind.

Futureproof your business before the 2025 analogue phoneline switch off and get in touch today.

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