What is IT service management?

In simple terms, IT Service Management – also known as ITSM – is the method by which an IT support provider (such as PC Comms) delivers its service to its customers. This umbrella term covers a wide range of polices, roles, and responsibilities – all managed by your chosen IT support team.

The ultimate goal of any good IT support provider is to provide excellent customer service to their clients, whilst maximizing the effectiveness IT budgets, ensuring customers are getting the very best value out of their IT systems.

Why choose PC Comms for your IT service management?

Highly trained professionals

At PC Comms, every one of our technicians has a clearly defined role. Each member of our team fully understands their responsibilities, so we can efficiently support our clients and no ounce of energy is wasted.

We have separate departments covering support, security, and other projects, meaning we have the resources to handle all of your IT support services seamlessly.

Despite years of experience, we don’t just rest on our laurels: managed IT support is a constantly evolving industry. Each of our team have regular training on the world class software we use, and we’ve heavily invested in the best possible software. These tools allow us to provide unrivalled management of your IT devices and network and remotely manage all your systems – wherever in the world they may be.

Focused on automation

One of our core philosophies is that we should always be doing as much as we can to limit the number of problems on your systems. If there’s an issue that your staff are finding regularly, it will be impacting their day-to-day jobs – something we work to fix.

We have built up over 20 years of scripting and automation to run on our customers devices to eradicate problems before they even occur. This prevents huge amounts of downtime each year, which before would have been impacting our customers businesses.

Experts in security

Security as standard is one of our main beliefs at PC Comms. We don’t view keeping your staff and business secure as an optional extra: for us, it’s a necessity.

Being Cyber Essentials Plus certified, we have the expertise to keep you and your safe online and protect your business from cyber attacks.

Impartial and honest recommendations

If you choose PC Comms for your managed IT support, we check in with you regularly to see how we can offer you the best service possible. We get to know your business and work with you to have the inside knowledge to improve how you work.

Our experienced sales team discuss your requirements and only offer IT solutions which are relevant to your business and cost effective. Through regular account checks and reporting, we are able to recommend hardware and software replacements before they impact your business.

With decades of experience behind us, choose PC Comms for your IT service management

Managed IT support services are the bread and butter of what we have successfully offered for over 20 years. In that time, the package we offer has grown considerably as the needs of our varied customer base have increased.

Our commitment to supporting our customers is how we have managed to help so many clients for the entirety of our lifespan – it’s the foundation for our success. ITSM is what we live and breathe. With us by their side, the businesses we support are more secure, have less downtime, and run more efficiently.

If your business needs managed IT support, contact us today for more information – we would love to hear from you.

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