What are VoIP phones and how do they work?

Over the next few years, you’re going to hear the words VoIP phone a lot. VoIP phones are going to transform standard communications in the business world. But what exactly are they, and how do they work?

What are VoIP phones?

VoIP phones use a technology called voice over Internet Protocol that allows users to make voice calls online. In essence, Voice over Internet Protocol phones replicate a traditional phone line using the internet.

VoIP phones work by converting voices into a digital signal which is transmitted over the internet. You can make a VoIP call from a computer, a VoIP phone, or a traditional phone that’s connected to a VoIP adaptor. You can even call a regular phone number from a VoIP phone. It’s essential that you have a strong, high-speed internet service if you want to convert your business phones to VoIP phones.

What benefits does VoIP offer?

Making the switch to VoIP phones offers many benefits over traditional phone systems:

  • VoIP systems cost far less as they require a lot less internal infrastructure, and you can easily add and remove additional ‘lines’ for more users as they’re needed – fantastic for growing businesses.
  • They integrate seamlessly with many business IT applications.
  • VoIP has useful features like call recording, voice-to-email, instant messaging, and international calling with no overseas fees.
  • VoIP phones are highly portable, allowing you to use your business’s phone number wherever you are.

Making the transition to VoIP phones

By 2025, our traditional analogue phone lines are going to be turned off across the country, as we move towards having a futureproof, digital network. This applies to both home and business lines. If you haven’t migrated to Voice over Internet Protocol phones as a business yet, you will need to start thinking about it soon.

It might seem like a big task – but luckily, PC Comms are here to manage the whole process for you. We can assess your current internet connectivity, see if it is fit for purpose and, if it’s not, implement the advised recommendations. Following this initial assessment, we can supply and install the ideal VoIP system for your business, supporting you and your staff through the switch.

If you’re considering migrating your business phone line to a Voice over Internet Protocol system, contact us today for a no obligation quote, and our friendly support team are happy to any questions you may have.

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