Case Study


RRL is a firm of Chartered Accountants and Tax Advisers, split across multiple sites in Cornwall.


When they experienced continuous outages to their IT systems, it made their operations very difficult. Regular IT outages would cause them to pause during business hours – a huge frustration for any business, but especially hard for a firm providing professional services.

RRL were in desperate need of an IT support company who would be able to resolve the problems they were having and provide proactive IT support. PC Comms were ready to step in.

“PC Comms have transformed the sustainability and security of our network, giving us peace of mind and a much more stable IT system.” –RRL

Steps taken

Our first objective was to onboard RRL and its employees. This process involves collecting all IT-related information about the business, then contacting employees to let them know who PC Comms are, and how they can contact us for support.

Guiding every IT user within a business through the process of logging a support ticket can be a lengthy task. With RRL, there was the added complication of employees working across multiple sites and remote working.

At PC Comms, we make the onboarding process as simple as possible. We supply each user with a detailed document and video guide with step-by-step instructions, making the whole process slick, quick, and user-friendly.

The PC Comms helpdesk are responsive, polite, and professional. Whenever there’s an issue, they explain what’s happening and offer realistic timeframes for a resolution, always managing expectations and – in the main – exceeding them.” –RRL

Once we secure a contract, we aim to hit the ground running and take control of our client’s IT support infrastructure without delay. This was especially important when it came to supporting RRL, as our immediate priority was to reduce the effect the current IT outages were having on the business. This meant installing a remote monitoring and maintenance tool, which is produced by ConnectWise – market leaders in IT support tools, and a company we’ve been working with for over a decade.

“PC Comms frequently see problems before they happen, ensuring our system stays up and running as much as possible.” –RRL

RRL had issues with their previous IT support provider before turning to PC Comms. One of the reasons they chose us was our experience in providing IT support for professional industries. From accountants to solicitors and more, we understand the time sensitive pressures such an organisation faces. There are always challenges to overcome when dealing with a company that has been disappointed with the IT support they’ve received in the past. The biggest challenge is often reassuring clients that we can make an instant improvement to their IT support.

Through clear communication and working closely with RRL, we were able to swiftly resolve any further outages. Quickly they were reassured that PC Comms were there to help, working with them to solve issues and keep things running smoothly.

What RRL say

"“If we do have an issue, PC Comms sort it out quickly. Once the issue is sorted, we receive a full explanation of what happened, why it happened, and what has been done to stop it happening again.”"


Priority Support

With a PC Comms Support package, you get to jump the queue! Priority support guarantees that your support issues are fast tracked.


Guaranteed Response Times

Reduce waiting times and spend more time doing the things you should be doing. All our support packages come with guaranteed response times.


Regular Reviews

Our regular reviews ensure that you are on the correct package and kept updated with your current IT status, allowing for greater financial management and planning for your IT budget.


Account Management

With PC Comms, you don’t just get renowned IT Support, you get a team who will get to know your Company inside out, allowing us to offer you bespoke IT support.


24/7 Dashboard

With our bespoke Customer dashboard, we offer you 24/7 access to every stat you can imagine relating to your support contract and hardware.

Security should never be an optional add-on

With PC Comms, security comes built in as standard. Think of us as your secure & flexible IT bubble. Whatever your needs, we’ll protect your business with our scalable and cost-effective services.

  • Rolling 30 Day ContractsWe’re so confident in our service, that we won’t tie you down to a long-term contract.
  • Transparent PricingEasy to budget monthly costs detailed to show you exactly what you’re getting for your money
  • Fast Response TimeWith a support contract, you receive priority contact to our dedicated team of support engineers.

Extra as standard

With a PC Comms support contract, all the fundamentals come as standard to make sure you are fully protected. Why compromise when you don’t need to?



The Worlds leading Anti-Virus package included in all support packages as standard.


Application Patching

Automatically keep typically exploited programs up to date.


OS Patching

Allow us to manage your Microsoft Windows Updates without having to think about it.


Proactive Health Monitor

Monitor the health of all PCs and servers silently in the background.


Ransomware Protection

Automatic detection of known Ransomware with emergency isolation mode built in as standard.


Social Media Control

Block or permit access to social media sites for all or selected devices.


Webmail Control

Control access to all popular webmail sites from your user’s machines.


DNS Protection

DNS Protection adds another level of protection to your clients.

IT Support you can actually rely on

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