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At PC Comms, we pride ourselves on not just providing excellent customer service, but also working with our customers to make them more efficient.


The main sales software which each user works with every day, requires updating frequently, and has to be run manually on each machine. The software upgrade can’t be considered successful until every client has been updated. To perform manually, would take up to 15 minutes on each workstation, thus impacting the time on the end users working day, totalling over 30 hours for each release.

Steps taken

PC Comms have worked with Carbase to create an automated process which silently updates the software, removing any downtime for the end user. It can also be run parallel on an infinite number of workstations, making the complete process take less than 10 minutes, and saving time for every user.

What Carbase say

"PC Comms have managed to silently automate the upgrade process of our Vehicle Administration software flawlessly. Due to previous restrictions in the software, each of our computers had to manually be upgraded by one of the helpful engineers at PC Comms. This was never a problem for them but would often take around 10-15 minutes per computer to upgrade. With our fleet of computers totalling 140+, it could take over 30 hours to achieve this, with the computers being individually out of use during this time. One of the most recent releases of the ERP came with the warning that it would not be able to be used until it was upgraded to the latest version. Once we had made PC Comms aware of this, they very quickly put together an action plan to automate the process. Within a week of this, they had developed a way of upgrading every computer’s version of the ERP with 0 downtime to our end users. And on top of this, the automation was included as part of our support contract, with no extra cost involved.

On average, we receive a full ERP upgrade release, once a quarter. When you take into consideration the potential time saving moving forward that this gives us, we thank PC Comms for their investment into our problem and the technology that they use to keep our computers running smoothly, allowing us to focus on our business and not having to worry about our PC’s.

Marcus Whitfield
Financial Controller
Brent Cars Limited t/a Carbase


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