Harry Redman

In my spare time, I like to play on my PlayStation and recently bought a PC to play on there. My favourite game at the moment is Farming Simulator, and I enjoy playing it on the weekends. I am also quite into baking. My favourite thing I made was sticky toffee puddings, which I make at Christmas. Some other things I enjoy is going swimming and playing badminton when I go away on holiday as they have a really good badminton court.

My favourite area of IT is the hardware side of things as I enjoy putting bits together and learning more about each of the components used to make the computers work. I also have a passion for the web side of IT and enjoy building websites for fun using frontend web technologies. I also have a keen interest in AI and how it is used today, and where AI is used.

Before starting my apprenticeship at PC Comms, I did a Level 3 T-Level course at Strode College, which I really enjoyed doing, and got a really good result at it when the course ended. I also won the ‘Young Citizen of Street Award 2022’ whilst on the course for my outstanding efforts for my work placement, which was part of my course.

My hopes and aspirations while working at PC Comms is to learn and build upon my skills in IT and to put them into use to help customers with their IT issues and queries. I also aspire to get a good grade for my apprenticeship and a good result from it.

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