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Email Protection & Archiving Continued.

Our Mail Protect service is hosted and powered by GFI MAX Mail Protect.


  • Junk mail is blocked before it reaches your network – reducing risk, network bandwidth and load on the mail server
  • Built-in continuity allows you to continue using email even when your mail server is down
  • The robust spam and virus detection technologies block even emerging “zero hour” threats
  • Self-service features allow administrators to save time compared to other email security solutions
  • Use the service with any operating system or mail infrastructure including Exchange, Lotus Domino, GroupWise, Zimbra, qmail, postfix, sendmail and any other SMTP server

Protect your network for only £1 per mailbox per month.

Archive every email in and out of your business up to 10 years.


  • Choice of archive retention policies, from three months to ten years.
  • Fully customizable email retention and deletion policies.
  • Delegated access controls allow for message access by auditors or other authorized personnel.
  • 256-bit encryption of all archived messages.
  • All messages are stored on redundant systems at no less than two geographically distributed datacenters.
  • Checksum verification ensures that all messages are successfully archived.
  • Messages are stored as read-only, with their original contents and metadata fully protected.
  • Legal Hold allows retention of messages past their normal retention date.
  • Search mechanism allows administrators and customers to quickly find relevant messages, based on date, sender, recipient, subject, body text, attachment contents and other criteria.
  • Message tagging allows messages to be categorized for export or for subsequent reference.
  • Simple and clean user interface – no training required.

Mail Archive 1 Year £
Mail Archive 10 Year £

Domains using the One-Year Archive service are allocated 5 GB of storage per Archive Mailbox, averaged across the Domain. Domains using the Ten-Year Archive service are allocated 25 GB of storage per Archive Mailbox, averaged across the Domain. These allocations are for billing purposes only and do not represent physical limitations on the archive storage space that can be used.

In the rare case that a Domain using the MailArchive service exceeds its allocated storage, the billing calculations shall be adjusted by increasing the Archive Mailbox count by the minimum number of additional mailboxes necessary so that the Domain’s allocated storage capacity meets its actual archive usage.

Messages classified as Legal Hold will be counted twice in the storage use calculations.

Sign up today for a free 30 day trial.

Terminating your service
You may terminate your service at any time giving the correct amount of notice.

MailProtection – 30 days
MailArchive – 30 Days


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