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The benefits of better network traffic management

1st October 2015

For businesses, there are many advantages to moving to the cloud, not least improving disaster recovery processes. But although the benefits of some cloud services, such as Microsoft 365, are now fairly well known, others, like cloud network management, remain under the radar for most small businesses.

Meraki MX64W

Although you may not have considered moving your network to the cloud, switching to a modern cloud managed networking device such as Cisco Meraki could benefit your business in a number of ways, including:

Improved quality of service

A cloud managed network provides a higher level of control, allowing you to prioritise traffic between your network and the internet so that more bandwidth is available for important users and applications.

For example, Cisco Meraki offers network administrators a dashboard view of all users, their devices and applications being used. Armed with this data, you can quickly optimise quality of service, blocking applications or throttling bandwidth in one click.

Control access to online content

Cloud management also gives you the ability to remotely control access to content across your network, restricting access to categories, specific websites or applications. Different levels of filtering can even be applied to specific groups or devices. Intrusion attacks can be detected and prevented, and malware can be blocked before it has a chance to access your corporate network. This reduces the chances of phishing and social engineering attacks (i.e. staff being duped into entering sensitive corporate login information into a fake webpage).

Securely enable staff to bring their own device

Allow staff to bring their own device to work and connect to the network without security concerns. A cloud managed network could enable you to centrally manage access for all mobile devices, Mac and PCs, applying device-specific policies as required.

Manage networks centrally for multiple sites

One area where cloud managed networks really come in handy is for businesses with multiple offices or branches. Cloud managed networks allow you to virtually manage networks across all your sites at once.

Easier management

A centralised cloud-based management system means that network administration can easily be completed from anywhere, reducing the need for IT support on site. It’s also easier to keep track of company devices, which can be tracked, and if needed, wiped, anywhere in the world.

Secure free WiFi for visitors and customers

Allowing visitors to connect to your WiFi can pose a security risk, but with a cloud managed network you can allow visitors to connect to your network securely, without access to internal applications. It also provides an easy way to offer free WiFi to customers, which can be a powerful marketing tactic.

Need help controlling network traffic?

If you have problems controlling your network traffic, or would like to discuss moving to a cloud managed networking solution, then get in touch and we can talk you through the options.



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