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PC Comms - Cyber Security Awareness

17th October 2017

As part of PC Comms ongoing commitment to problem prevention and ICT security, we are educating all of our clients to highlight the need for customer awareness in relation to viruses, malware and similar threats.

Please note it is of high importance to inform your staff of the potential threat.

Some of the threats which are currently making the news, involve ‘encrypting’ your files so that you can’t access them unless you pay a fee. At the moment, there isn’t a solution to uncrypt the data if it should happen to you. The best action is to ensure you have a sufficient Anti-virus and Anti-malware package installed, you must also make sure your operating system and applications are patched and you have sufficient backups should disaster strike. It is the utmost if importance that you and your staff take extreme precaution when opening emails and attachments. If an email is unrecognisable or out of the blue it is often a phishing email, you then have two options either get rid of it or forward it onto us to check out for you.

In the event of your computer becoming infected, we would have to restore a previous backup to recover your data. Because of the nature of these bugs, we would insist that you don’t keep any files which you deem vitally important on your local machines. For example, do not leave them in my documents or on the desktop. Local machines are not backed up and therefore if they are encrypted they are unrecoverable resulting in you losing valuable data. Any documents that are of importance and need to be backed up, should always be stored on a network drive in ‘My Computer’. If you are unsure of this or wish to discuss it further, a member of the PC Comms helpdesk team will be happy to help you.

To create an effective Anti-Virus system, the following is mandatory:

  • Anti-Virus / Anti-malware software: ESET is the antivirus software which we advise all of our customers to be using. It is the most effective and fastest anti-virus solution on the market. We also recommend Malwarebytes to enhance your malware protection.
  • Passwords: It is each user’s responsibility to ensure that they are using secure passwords which are changed regularly. A system is only as safe as the password which guards it! Consider using a password management tool such as RoboForm or LastPass to ensure password security is at its maximum.
  • Common Sense: Never open an email attachment from a contact who you don’t know. Be aware of phishing emails asking you to login to banking websites, access the HMRC portal etc. Check out the Microsoft phishing examples Website. HMRC Website. FFA UK Website.

Even if you have a secure Anti-Virus program, this does not stop someone from opening problematic email attachments, which opens the door to threats infiltrating your network. If you are ever in any doubt about the validity of an email or an attachment, use this website: or ask a member of the PC Comms helpdesk for advice and guidance.

Alongside the above requisites, we would also recommend Malwarebytes, an anti-malware solution that sits alongside ESET on each of your client PCs.

If you need any further information regarding any of the products we recommend, just speak to your account manager, or if you are a new customer looking for guidance and advice a member of our sales team will be more than happy to help you.

All of the above will help you eliminate the possibility of being infected, while PC Comms can advise and guide you to follow best practice methods to protect your computers and business, we cannot, due to the very nature of viruses/malware and the interaction with the end user being out of our control accept any liability for the loss of data or earnings related to any infection. The best course of action is to take preventative measures as advised to ensure the security of your business and its data.

Are you Concerned About Your Businesses Cyber Security?

If you are concerned about your businesses Cyber Security or any other ICT issues, contact our helpdesk – open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm for ad-hoc support on 01278 458558

We also offer a free review of your IT systems, call us today to book yours on 01278 458558 or email



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