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Free Vulnerability Scan [Limited Time Offer!]

24th February 2020

43% of all cyber-attacks are aimed at small businesses.

Following a successful attack, 60% go out of business within 6 months!

Worryingly, most small businesses are unprepared for an attack, typically lacking basic cyber defences such as multi-factor authentication, password management, and having little or no patch management for their applications and operating systems. 


Don’t be yet another cyber security statistic… 

Businesses and charities looking to improve their defences should look at either Cyber Essentials, or Cyber Essentials Plus. 

According to the UK Government, by implementing the controls within the Cyber Essentials scheme, around 80% of cyber attacks could be prevented. 

Not only is Cyber Essentials a good starting place from which to secure your business, it’s also a minimum requirement of any business looking to acquire an MOD, or Government contract.

There are five technical controls for Cyber Essentials: 


Make sure firewalls exist between your internet connection and internal networks. Smaller businesses may only have host [software] based firewalls.  Make sure you prevent unauthenticated inbound connections to your company’s network.

Secure Configuration

Network devices and computers need to be configured securely. Prevent auto-run and browser smart screen functionality.

Ensure that you are authenticating users before allowing access to commercially or personally sensitive data.

Use technical & paper based controls to prevent the use of weak passwords, and make sure any default or guessable password is changed. 

User Access Control

Have an account creation and removal process.

Implement 2FA / MFA wherever feasible [ie Office 365] 

Use “Administrator” accounts only when performing administrative duties – i.e. not when using email, browsing the internet or other general daily tasks.

Malware Protection

Check that Anti-malware / Anti-virus is installed on every machine, and kept up-to-date, and / or, ensure only whitelisted applications are able to be executed.

If you’re using email services such as Office 365, consider investing in additional threat protection such as Microsoft ATP.

Patch Management

Apply operating system and application security patches within 14 days of release [those that are rated High or Critical].

All software [including operating systems] need to be licenced and supported [Reminder: Windows 7 / Windows 2008R2, and some versions of Windows 10 are no longer support].

Have a FREE external vulnerability scan on us:

In addition to implementing the five technical controls described above, Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus require an external vulnerability scan of your network [CE+ also requires an internal scan]. 

We understand that not everyone has the tools to check what their network looks like from the outside, so for a limited time only, we’re offering your business a free external vulnerability scan. 

Our no nonsense, easy to read vulnerability report will be delivered straight to your inbox in .pdf format.

Simply fill in our form and we will do the rest. 

Want to know more? 

If you’d like to discuss your cyber security report, or find out how we can help your business gain Cyber Essentials certification, contact us today and we’ll be happy to help. 


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Tel: 01278 458558 




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