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4 Warning Signs Telling You it's Time to Upgrade Your Business Computers

12th June 2018

You can usually tell when your computers are about struggling to cope, becoming outdated or are on the verge of total collapse. Businesses, often smaller companies tend to ignore the warning signs as it means an unexpected cost that they would rather spend elsewhere. However, leaving an ageing machine that is showing signs of fatigue can be a nightmare for business owners. The older it gets the more vulnerable to cyber-attacks it becomes potentially leading to your data becoming encrypted by cyber criminals who demand a ransom in order to release your files (usually they don’t release them, even when you pay). If you are lucky and don’t get hacked then the sudden death of a machine can be extremely disruptive to staff productivity meaning you not only have to fork out for a new computer but, you also have to pay an employee who cannot actually work until a new machine arrives resulting in additional costs, lost time and disrupted workflows which as a small business you could do without.

To make sure you know when it’s time to upgrade your machines, we are going to outline 4 tell-tale signs that you and your staff need new computers.

Your Machine Slows Down

Most people think their computer is running slow because it’s getting older or because they have too many programs running at once, however, there could be a number of reasons that explain where this new-found slowness has come from. A program gone rogue and disrupting the machine, a virus/infection, overheating or even a failing hard drive can all cause a slowdown in responsiveness and efficiency of the machine. Sometimes the slowdown is simply due to an update involving new software that your hardware can’t keep up with and therefore a higher spec machine is required.

Your Machine is Hot Whilst Operating

If your Desktop Computer or Laptop is running hot it can be down to two things. One, the cooling down system/ Fan is blocked or failing or two, the system is simply overheating as it can no longer keep up with the output you are demanding it to produce. You can often tell this on a laptop if it is too hot to put on your lap or for a desktop if it keeps cutting out (often a safety precaution built it to protect the machine when it is getting too hot. If you are experiencing any of the above it is more than likely that your computers are ticking time bombs until they finally pack in and therefore it is best to upgrade as soon as you can.

It’s Constantly Loading

If your machine is constantly loading and catching up with itself even when you ask it to do simple tasks such as change to another program or even browsing through the internet then it is clearly struggling to cope. Not only is this extremely frustrating for you as the end user, it is also unlikely to get any better unless you either completely clear out your machine, which as a business owner you are unlikely to want to do as it will be full of important documents and files. Therefore, the best option for you is to upgrade to a superior, faster and more efficient machine to cope with the level of output you require.

Crashing and Freezing is a Regular Occurrence

If your computer Crashing and Freezing is a Regular Occurrence then there is clearly a problem that needs resolving. You might notice it’s showing other signs mentioned in this blog because crashing and freezing is what happens when a computer is on its last legs, it simply can’t cope anymore and therefore reboots in order to try and resolve whatever is causing it to malfunction. However, if this is something that keeps happening the reboot clearly isn’t working and the problem could be fatal for your machine. The problem could be hardware or software or both! Either way, if this keeps happening to your machines it is time to upgrade.

What Computers/Upgrades should you get?

PC Comms have been a Dell Partner for many years now and this is our preferred supplier of Desktops, Laptops, and Servers, however, depending on your requirements we can look at the whole market to find the right hardware for you.

We have noticed over the last 12 months that internet usage has gone through the roof with many employees regularly having multiple websites open in order to complete their daily tasks. The demand for browsing the web has had a knock effect on performance and we are seeing a need to increase the memory from 4GB to 8GB for the first time in over 5 years.

Our recommended entry-level spec now includes.

  • Intel i3 or i5 processor.
  • 8GB RAM – Memory allows you to run multiple applications at the same time.
  • SSD – Solid State Drive speeds up access and reduces wait time for almost instant access.
  • Windows 10 Pro / Enterprise – for increased security and performance.

It is still possible to upgrade a computer however we would recommend this is only considered for computers that are less than 3 years old. The most effective upgrades to consider would be RAM, SSD and Operating System.

Contact us today with your requirements so that we can find the computer that’s right for you and best fits your business needs. Upgrade your business technology and reap the rewards including; increased productivity, business growth and improved infrastructure.

Call 01278 458558 to speak to one of our expert technicians now.



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