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Is it time to upgrade to Windows 10?

Is it time to upgrade to Windows 10?

5th July 2016

With the Windows 10 Anniversary update due for release on 2nd August, PC Comms decide to revisit Windows 10. We ask the question: "Should I upgrade?"Released on 29th July 2015, Windows 10 has been well received. As of May 2016, it is estimated that Windows 10 has been installed on 350 million device... Read more >

Ransomware – don’t put your business at risk

Ransomware – don’t put your business at risk

17th June 2016

Although ransomware has been around for decades, cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated and recently there has been an increase in attacks against businesses.What is ransomware?Ransomware is malicious software which blocks access to your computer, files, browser or program until you pay a r... Read more >

How much is your old server really costing you?

How much is your old server really costing you?

2nd February 2016

Still running an old server in your office? If your server is more than 4 years old it's likely the hardware investment is already paid off so you might think it is costing you very little. But you may be surprised just how much it is costing you in energy, cooling and even loss of productivity.Ene... Read more >

Anti-Virus Alert

3rd December 2015

Hi all There is a new virus doing the rounds today. This virus has not been detected by any of the majority of AV vendors so has managed to find its way into some users inboxes. We have submitted several samples to Microsoft, ESET and Malwarebytes for analysis. It will take several hours before an... Read more >

What makes a good password?

20th October 2015

Many hackers enter computer systems simply by guessing passwords, and with the top passwords of 2012, 2013 and 2014 being ‘password’, ‘123456’ and ‘12345678’, we’re not exactly making things difficult for them! Of the 40 million Adobe account passwords leaked online, 2 million were ... Read more >

The benefits of better network traffic management

1st October 2015

For businesses, there are many advantages to moving to the cloud, not least improving disaster recovery processes. But although the benefits of some cloud services, such as Microsoft 365, are now fairly well known, others, like cloud network management, remain under the radar for most small business... Read more >

Support for Windows Server 2003 is ending this July. What does it mean for your organisation?

13th May 2015

Is your business still using Windows Server 2003? If you are, or you think you might be, now is the time to think about a plan for the future. From July 2015, support for Microsoft for Server 2003 will end and there isn’t long left to consider the alternatives.What this means for businessesIf you... Read more >

Windows XP Support to Expire 8th April 2014

28th March 2013

MS XP goes end of life on 8th of April 2014. MS have announced the demise of Windows XP the much loved platform for many a business over the last ten years, and along with it MS Office 2003. So what does this mean if you are still using these applications. Will your computer stop working ? No. I c... Read more >




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