Warran Large

My focus outside of work is my wife and children. Following a very close second is my passion for Man United and football! I think my passion for management stems from growing up, witnessing the success that Man United have achieved and how it was the result of strong leadership.

I started working with PC Comms in 2004. Since then I’ve fulfilled the roles of Onsite Engineer, Helpdesk and Backbench Technician, Helpdesk Manager and worked up to my current position of General Manager. My experience in each of these roles allows me to relate to our team and develop automation to assist the team working in those areas.

Claim to fame, I once attended a funeral with Kate Bush. I’ve also appeared on TV on a number of occasions, including the panel talking about me during an England football game, in the audience during a recording of Deal or No Deal and have had the honour of receiving a wedding card from Sir Alex Ferguson, as well as meeting the Man Utd players on a number of occasions.

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